Universal Life Force Incantation

Music and harmony have surrounded me my entire life. It’s a path that I have always managed to walk whether I wanted to or not—even whether I was aware of it or not. Ever since I was a baby (yes, I have memories of being a baby—my father has confirmed memories I have recalled) I remember hearing songs or melodies “in my head”.

I always hummed to myself or sang to myself and I have even channeled lullabies from other lifetimes (past, present and possibly future).

Two years ago, Spirit came to me and told me, “Sing. We want you to sing.” I had interpreted this as “Okay, so I’ll start singing again just for the love of singing to myself… In my car, in my house, etc…”

Well, last week Spirit came to me again and said, “We want you to SING…” and suddenly I found myself turning the volume down in my car and belting out various chants, some of which included Light Language. I could feel the vibrational energy expanding and contracting; and the tonal qualities of my voice were full of conviction.

When the chanting stopped I calmly said to Spirit, “Oh, that’s what you meant.” It became clear that when I started channeling Light Language a few years before, I was meant to do more with it other than jot down symbols and speak prayers.

It is with this tiny bit of back-story that I share the following incantation with all of you. Uriel called me to commune tonight and after quite an interesting journey (as always!) I was given a simple and yet, something of a “cornerstone” of a chant.

The following message is a channeled/guided message via Spirit presenting me with Ham Na De Nai Dam, a Universal Life Force incantation:

This incantation draws upon the Universal Life Force, balancing the human body and the Lightbody through cellular vibrational frequencies. The molecules are, in essence, shaken up and shifted to come into unified harmony, alignment and balance upon chanting this incantation.

This incantation will manifest balance, clarity and calm and has the ability to raise one’s own vibrational frequency awareness to connect and unite with interdimensional communion and interdimensional travel on varying levels. It creates a joining of the Higher Self and the 3D self while also expanding and uplifting ones’ auric field and awareness.

Many have felt the energetic pull and sway of this vibrational incantation without knowing it, as it is linked with the Kundalini and the spiraling lull of meditative oneness with the Universal Life Force.

Chant this mantra especially when feeling out of balance or out of body.

Ham na de nai dam (Universal Life Force I call out to you).

The chant sounds like “Hum nah day nigh dum” with a slight roll on the last ‘d’ sound. I am trying to find a way to upload/link the recording I made. If you are interested, please e-mail me at guidedbyspirit@gmail.com and I will forward you an mp3 file of my recording, free of charge, so that you may hear and experience the proper tonal expression and pitch of this chant.

Many Blessings & Much Aloha Dear Ones,
Q’iorani Kapualani & Crew

  2 comments for “Universal Life Force Incantation

  1. April 8, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    I love it when messages come so clearly! And I’m excited to hear your recording of this chant, so count me in as requesting same via email. I’ll shoot you a private email also. I spent time yesterday morning listening to some Asiatic lily bulbs that are sitting in my downstairs bathroom, sprouting in the box they came in (because I haven’t gotten around to potting them yet)….singing. Lilies of all kinds just sing their little heads off! Apparently this has been a very harmonic kind of week for we Leo types. Namaste’, truly, Creena! <3

    ~ Dawn

    • April 8, 2011 at 5:08 PM

      Yes! It really is a wonderful blessing when the messages just come zooming through! I am sending you the mp3 recording now! 🙂 <3 ~QK

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