Aloha and Welcome Light Surfer!

I AM Kapualani (Kapua), Hyper-dimensional Healer, Psychic/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Guide... ALCHEMIST. If you have found your way here, let's just say everything is Divinely Guided. Take a walk with me and learn how to transform yourself and your life NOW.

When Did God Stop Being Enough?

The other day I found myself asking “When did God stop being enough?” I felt myself as though I were a newborn being pushed out into the wild world through the birth canal… it was uncomfortable and I couldn’t understand what I was experiencing. I knew that it wasn’t “just depression”–I know what depression looks, feels and tastes like… this… Read more →

February 2015 Portal Opening

We are approaching a portal opening with energetics locked around this upcoming New Moon phase. Many have already been feeling this shift coming, especially today. I was informed of this event two weeks ago via Spirit/my Higher Self. I saw that the purpose of this portal opening was to assist humanity in releasing/removing the residual clearing that Mercury Retrograde had… Read more →

Thoughts on Relating

Lately the only way I can describe myself is “hypersensitive” (well at this point it’s becoming “ultra-hypersensitive” heh)… this doesn’t make for the most/best social interaction–but I’m ok with that. It is not always easy for me to relate to people on a “relationship/social” level outside of being a healer/guide… though I hope I’ve been a decent friend–even if I’ve… Read more →


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