Aloha and Welcome!

I AM Kapualani (Kapua), Multi-Dimensional Healer, Clairvoyant and Spiritual Guide... ALCHEMIST. Everything is Divinely Guided... Take a walk with me and learn how to transform yourself and your life NOW. We ALL have a Purpose, are You ready to discover YOURS?

Ascension Message 20 Nov 2015 – New Earth Children

The collective consciousness of the children on your planet is beginning to grow even stronger in awakening the golden core construct within the planetary grid. Their collective light and fully conscious way of being is infiltrating the grid and flooding it with updated light codes in which these beings have brought in with them upon conception and inception into this… Read more →

The Power of A Smile :)

We are here to take positive steps and strides forward in every way. We are here to return Mother Earth, Gaia, to her original utopian form of beauty, fullness, wellness and Heart. We do this by transforming ourselves from the inside out. It is the Heart that governs all. When we can be righteous within ourselves; when we can heal… Read more →

i AM.

  i don’t look like a typical “shaman” or a typical “healer” or a typical anything… i’m not “commercial” enough for commercial people and i’m not “weird” enough for weird people. i’m probably not “native” or “indigenous” enough for my own people… but i’m me. it’s something i struggled with for a very long time–something i’m sure many people can… Read more →

Going Deeper Means Going Higher

There is unrest. There is conflict. There is pain, suffering, heartache and grief. Do you relate to this? Recently, there has been a noticeable resistance, a sort of pressure if you will, building and pushing and urging Us to go even deeper. How much deeper can I go? How much higher can I rise?… and why? Why does it have… Read more →


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