Aloha and Welcome Light Surfer!

I AM Kapualani (Kapua), Hyper-dimensional Healer, Psychic/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Guide... ALCHEMIST. If you have found your way here, let's just say everything is Divinely Guided. Take a walk with me and learn how to transform yourself and your life NOW.

Observations on *Law Enforcement* Injustice

I see these injustices in my feed often but in this moment I feel called to speak out publicly on this and send prayers to ALL… Prayers to the victims (and their families) who have suffered these atrocities… Prayers to these “law enforcers” who are so brainwashed with self-hate, enslavement/separation programming and just plain lack of integrity, compassion, true justice… Read more →

When Did God Stop Being Enough?

The other day I found myself asking “When did God stop being enough?” I felt myself as though I were a newborn being pushed out into the wild world through the birth canal… it was uncomfortable and I couldn’t understand what I was experiencing. I knew that it wasn’t “just depression”–I know what depression looks, feels and tastes like… this… Read more →

February 2015 Portal Opening

We are approaching a portal opening with energetics locked around this upcoming New Moon phase. Many have already been feeling this shift coming, especially today. I was informed of this event two weeks ago via Spirit/my Higher Self. I saw that the purpose of this portal opening was to assist humanity in releasing/removing the residual clearing that Mercury Retrograde had… Read more →


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