Meditation/Prayer for Worldwide Transmutation & Peace 2014


For weeks I’ve struggled with the horrific war in Gaza. I’ve woken up from nightmares, crying and it started to put me in a severe depression. Then one day I stopped and asked Spirit “What is my place here? Why am I feeling and seeing these things so severely?” The response I received was a reminder that my “work” is to hold a space of Love; to be a counterbalance to the destruction and hate being exercised… it gave me a sense of peace to hear this message. It was a reminder of why I was always urged NOT to get directly involved with specific causes/events/etc but rather to hold a space of sacredness and healing for all those who are suffering because of it… ALL who are suffering.

The following is a meditation/prayer for you to focus your energy in a constructive and healing manner. Please take time to sit with it, read through it, etc… if you’d like a recorded version, please comment below. If I receive enough interest I will try to put something together as a guided meditation.

Mahalo Nui.

Me ke Aloha Pumehana,
Kapualani xo

I highly recommend you utilize the following music/harmonic tones as you read/practice the meditation.

Prayer/Meditation for Worldwide Transmutation and Peace

I call forth All Beings of Pure Light and Pure Love Consciousness, God-Goddess, Creator, Spirit, Ancestors and Ancient Lineage—Past, Present and Future; Angels and Archangels—Mikael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel and Metatron; All Ascended Masters—Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain, Lady Portia; The I AM Presence, The Violet Flame… My Personal Guardians, Guides and Protectors. I call You forth to cleanse this space and hold it as a Sacred Space for Light and Only Light; allowing work to be done in the Highest Good for All involved. Please feel free to call in any/all of your personal guardians, etc and work with those who you are most comfortable with even if you feel called to omit those offered above. <3

Please visualize yourself, standing hand-to-hand with each other around Gaia (focusing on a specific cause/situation if you’d like). Additionally, see that you are sitting/standing in an orb of crystalline gold source light; above you is a sea of this liquid Source light. Take a deep inhalation and visualize streams of gold light flowing in through the crown of your head, illuminating your entire mind/body/spirit with this Crystalline Source Light.

As you exhale, release any/all fear, doubt, disharmony from your entire being; acknowledging that as you release it into the gold light, it is being transmuted and cleared in every way—mind, body and spirit, etc. Take as many deep, cleansing breaths as needed to feel grounded and clear—perhaps also with the intention of assisting Gaia and the mass consciousness in cleansing and releasing negative energy; giving it all to Source for transmutation.

On your next inhalation, See Us All, hand in hand, standing in a sacred ring around the planet, creating an orb of protection and love around Gaia. As you exhale, see the breath transforming and emanating from Heart Center, flowing like a river of Gold Love Light and Crystalline energy to the core of the Earth and back to each other. Use this time to allow your own Sacred, Diving Intelligence to guide you and push/pull streams of gold light and pure heart energy to each other and to the planet. Allow yourself as much time as needed, perhaps even mindfully praying for specific causes, etc.

When you feel complete with the meditation, see the streams of gold light pulling down through your feet and rooting you with Mother Earth. Offer thanks and gratitude to Gaia, Yourself, Your Guides and All who have joined You in this Sacred Space. Inhale, breathing in Pure Love Consciousness and exhale, offering any form of thanks, etc that connects with you (Amen, Aloha, Blessed Be, Mitakuye Oyasin, Namaste’, Shalom, etc).


©2014 Kapualani Leialoha

Permission is given to share this message so long as it is shared in its entirety; without modification, changes, or alterations of any kind and Kapualani Leialoha’s credit, copyright and website is included.

Thoughts on Fulfilling My Mission in/from Hollywood…

I remember speaking with a number of people who studied and lived with monks… I’ve heard so many stories of monks who were raised into the lifestyle but once you take them out of their controlled environment they easily become toxified and corrupted.

The key isn’t simply to find peace and enlightenment in an already peaceful environment–this can be quite easy–and there’s no judgement if this is what speaks to you, what resonates with you and where you are called to be… but where I’m at, and what my personal ‘mission’ is, at least at this time… is to be a Warrior, maintain and sustain my balance, inner peace and light in the middle of the greatest perpetuating field of matricized brain washing, programming in the world… Hollywood, CA.

There have been so many times along the way that I’ve sat and screamed, cried, wanted to rip my hair out and curse myself for being here… so many times that I’ve asked myself “WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING HERE? I WANT TO GO HOME!” and then hearing my Heart tell me, “Yes, but what would you do there? What would you accomplish? How would it Serve?”

I’ve been told that I have the ability to be in isolation and pray the world into healing… I have considered isolating myself so many times (luckily Spirit has granted me a sanctuary of sorts in this mad town), but what has stopped me from removing myself from “the world” is LOVE and Humanity itself. I’ve spent so many lifetimes in isolation–and to a degree, even this lifetime. I grew up ALONE… I don’t care what anyone says, my childhood and teen years, even early 20′s were VERY lonely and isolating. It was just part of my energy… but now I have a chance to shift that. I have the opportunity to embrace the whole point of being human–to connect with others and to enjoy the beauty of the Human Spirit.

I don’t recommend that you up and move to Hollywood–it’s not safe, seriously. It’s tough, it’s draining and if I didn’t pray and meditate daily and OFTEN, if I didn’t check in with myself, my Crew (and even my friends who keep it real) I might just lose my fucking mind… but here I AM, because THIS is where I’m called to be at the moment… and rather than fight it (like I used to), I’m accepting it for what it is and I’m making it work for Me.

Believe me, I used to pray every day that I be lifted out of here and guided to move to Bali or Tahiti but that’s just not happening… YET. I know this destination isn’t permanent (Thank You Spirit) but… regardless… whether You are fulfilling your mission from the peace and beauty of the Himalayas or you’re in a brownstone in Brooklyn–I honor you. I Love You and I’m grateful that WE ARE ALL in this TOGETHER.


Thoughts on Enlightenment in Humanness

There are times when I ask myself, “Who am I? What is my purpose? Who do I want to be in this life?”

Do I *want* to be a fully conscious, fully present and enlightened being? Do I want to make that sort of pure commitment to myself? How would that alter the course of my life and what I came here to do? Aside from that, what DID I come here to do? Isn’t it more than just ONE *thing* that I came here for? Didn’t I come here to EXPERIENCE? Didn’t I come here to engage, interact and explore all facets of life on this beautiful planet?

When I consider the mastery of fully conscious beings, Maha Avatars, Holy Beings, Enlightened Beings… etc… when I remember my Self through the eyes of avatars such as Sri Anandamayi Ma, I remember and realize what I would also NOT be experiencing or engaging with/in. The choice becomes fascinatingly blurry for me.

Can I experience the fullness of… motherhood, for example, if I am a fully realized being? I’m not speaking of motherhood in the “Ma” sense, but being a “Mommy” and actually giving birth to a baby. If I am fully realized then there is no *need* or desire for any-thing, let alone the desire to experience childbirth, etc. My personal journey, my personal project of sorts, at this moment, is to bridge the “Ma” with the “Me”.

My personal project is My Self. What action am I to take, here and NOW, to be in present and active alignment and engagement with what I *want* to and *choose* to experience in this lifetime? Who do I want to be in THIS moment? How do I serve myself best by being in constant awareness of My Self as reflected in my environment and my environment as reflected in My Self?

We Live, We Breathe… We Laugh, We Cry… We Celebrate, We Mourn… Am I reflecting Loving Kindness in my words and actions? This is my question to myself today.

What is Yours?

Blessings, Love, Namaste’,
Shakti Kapualani Leialoha

Tuesday Sharing 27 May 2014

There’s a re-emerging I have felt, personally (as well as globally), that I have been experiencing for some months now. I have been told by my Pleiadian/Galactic Crew that we have been undergoing a cellular regeneration process (deprogramming, awakening, etc)–I’m sure many are currently aware of this. I have mentioned this repeatedly in the past but I’m only just beginning to feel myself resurfacing from the deep… from yet another round of “transmigratory” (Their word) symbiosis of matter and anti-matter of “the self” and “the soul”.

It’s all energetics. It’s all quantum mechanics–quantum physics. After eons, lifetimes of being “dumbed down” by counter-forces we’re only just beginning to unravel the intertwined dark matrix of mind control, false programs, etc.

We are only just beginning to enter into a space of hyper-awareness/awakening, so to speak, that generations of lineages, battling against “the odds”, has forged for us. Those of us who remember such great wars–both Earthbound and Intergalactic, etc–who are now at the front of the wave, are still having to face insurmountable obstacles. I’m not even speaking of the ones “put upon us” by our own government, society, families, etc… but the war within.

It takes great courage and fortitude to embrace our fears and to encompass the Light that which We ARE With-In. Stay true to that light–that inner SolarHeart. Breathe deeply and fill your Be-ing with the true essence of Spirit, Love and Bliss.

It has not been “easy” for me to be in the current space of reflection that I now find myself in once again–but I have made it… and so too will You.

I Love YOU. I AM Here with You. Sometimes, to be strong we must embrace our wounds, our soft spots… of being vulnerable to ourselves and each other. This takes immense trust… and I DO. I Trust. I Love. I AM.

Kapualani Leialoha

The Storm of Awakening

There are pockets of peace that bubble up and offer Us a reprieve from the energetic “storm” that we are experiencing. This “storm” IS the shift. It IS the process of Ascension in Awakening Our Selves, Mind-Body-Spirit to the REAL-NESS of BE-ING.

We are NOT being asked to dismiss our *feeling* nature. We are NOT being asked to suppress or repress emotions such as grief, sadness, anger, etc… We ARE being asked to acknowledge ourselves FULLY. To LIVE FULLY and to embrace our authentic nature as LIVING, BREATHING, FEELING BE-INGS. The perfection and grace of humanity IS our ability to CHANGE… to grow and evolve. Our capacity to heal ourselves and each other is immense and profound.

We are NOT being asked to “put up” with the abuse and negative behaviors of others–we ARE being asked to acknowledge our own sense of self-worth; to empower ourselves by saying “NO MORE”. Setting boundaries and walking away from toxic people and situations is a choice we make in honoring our own value and self-worth. THIS is an expression of Self-Love.

Tap into the wisdom within–this IS the voice of Divine and it is YOUR voice. Sing proudly and give it your all–what a symphony of ALIVENESS WE ARE and WE ARE capable of BEING! Let’s continue to support, love and encourage each other and allow that which is not in resonance with ourselves simply fall away with love and non-judgement.

I love you.

<3 Shakti Kapualani Leialoha xx